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Since its Inception, Satkarta International has worked towards excellence and gaining trust amongst its customers, which is a major consideration for all companies trying to make it work in the Export Industry. Instances of our prolific operations in several countries around the world are our laurel of pride.

As on date, Satkarta Internal works across a number of verticals ranging from beauty, and cosmetic products, garment accessories like stoles and last but not least, carpets. What you should also know about us is that we are also a major manufacturer of rugs and carpets. We infuse creativity and diligence in our productions, which makes us the trusted name that we are. Our in-house production team works with much expertise and dedication, trying to continuously keep up the good name that we have achieved.

Our Vision

Our visions are very basic, yet effective, designed specifically keeping the interests of the customers and stakeholders in mind.

Here is what we have set as our vision to enable our company to grow further:

  • Delivery of high-quality products and ensure cost-effectiveness

  • Foster a healthy and inspiring work environment

  • Build and maintain effective and valuable business liaisons

  • Ensure maximized returns for shareholders

With the above goals in mind, Satkarta International is devoted to growth and excellence, thereby ensuring its irreplaceable position in the world of Indian exports.